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LeVita Beverages is  a line of premixed cocktails that gives our customers the same high-end complex cocktails they would find at a bar or restaurant with the ease of a pour. Every drink has an exotic and unique flavor that elevates your drinking experience.


Corporate Events

Delivering an elevated cocktail menu to your next office party.  

Making Cocktails

Cocktail Catering/ Holiday Parties

No matter how large or small your event is, we will make it memorable.  We will design a mix that fits your event perfectly.  

Stand out to your guests by taking your cocktails to the next level!


Bars and Restaurants 

As more jobs are opening up in the restaurant industry, this in turn means skilled staff shortages.  This means you are spending too much time and money training staff that will quickly turn over.  Send us your recipes and we will have standardized mixes delivered to your venue.  We can additionally also assist you by bringing in new recipes!

Why LeVita?

  • Our premium cocktail mixers maintain consistency by offering recipes that only require a few steps to replicate.  This becomes extremely beneficial in high-volume venues and with training new staff.  


  • The complex flavors used in our mixes can be easily paired with any food menu, and spirits.


  • As the demand for mocktails has risen, LeVita makes all of its products so they can be duplicated as a non-alcoholic option on your menu.  


  • LeVita helps mitigate waste by offering weekly product deliveries, utilizing standardized recipes, and utilizing exact costing strategies which helps us gauge a minimum sell point.


As part of our marketing program, we showcase LeVita customers in our extensive social media advertising. This includes photography at your establishment and a description of your concept on any advertisements regarding your company. 


Our Premium Mixes

While LeVita Beverages offers a standard line of cocktail mixes we also offer the option to have a mix custom to your venue.  This in turn enables us to create a mix off premise that can only be found at YOUR venue or event! 

Reliable Delivery 

LeVita Beverages has set up a way for you to have all of your deliveries done weekly or bi-weekly.  We work with you to find the best time and day to have our mixes delivered right to your venue!  


Our Marketing Strategy

We have developed a marketing strategy that shows you off.

When you chose LeVita Beverages, this means that you have access to our professional photography, sponsored advertisements, events, media, and other areas of digital marketing.

We are constantly looking to grow our relationships with Food & Beverage influencers and Media outlets who want to develop strong relationships with the venues who work with us.

Send us an e-mail for collaborations and other media inquiries!

Marketing Strategy for Restaurants 


Where do we start?

When you purchase LeVita product we will create a portfolio of professional photography  intended to be used for advertisement purposes.  


Step Two

Once we compile all of the media from our initial photoshoot we take the content and use it for sponsored and organic advertisements with a description of your venue.  We then use our Colorado based influencers to repost this content in order to maximize viewers.  We repeat this process several times a month for each venue.



Events are a huge part to our marketing plan.  We sponsor various types of events for businesses that would like to increase their own brand awareness.  


Our Menus

LeVita will curate specialty menus separate from your own.  That way you are sure to maximize your sales.

Each menu is branded with your company and LeVita. 

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