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LeVita Beverages

Marketing Strategy


Where do we start?

When you purchase LeVita product we will create a portfolio of professional photography  intended to be used for advertisement purposes.  


Step Two

Once we compile all of the media from our initial photoshoot we take the content and use it for sponsored and organic advertisements with a description of your venue.  We then use our Colorado based influencers to repost this content in order to maximize viewers.  We repeat this process several times a month for each venue.



Events are a huge part to our marketing plan.  We sponsor various types of events for businesses that would like to increase their own brand awareness.  

Custom Mixes

When you order a customized mixer, you own the label.  We design a specific label for your business.  These mixes are then highlighted through our marketing streams.  

The best part is, you are the only venue that carries this specific recipe and label so you will be set apart from everyone else.

You as well have the option to sell the whole bottle of mix directly to the consumer.

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